Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend in Beer-view

One more weekend is in the books.  Yes, my wife is still pregnant.  Just over 39 weeks now.  We were both really hoping that baby would come this weekend so that we wouldn't have to work this week.  Since baby didn't come, I decided to enjoy some awesome brews.

Friday evening I was supposed to go out and celebrate my buddy's birthday in Fountain Square.  Not only was the celebration for his birthday, but it was also a celebration of Indianapolis changing the smoking laws for bars.  I have been eagerly anticipating the day when Indiana starts to catch up to other states with regards to smoking bans, and finally my city stepped up.  Of course I wished the whole state would be on board, but I'll take a ban for my city.  It's great.  While I wasn't able to go out as planned, I am definitely looking forward to enjoying smoke free air at several Indy establishments.....Moe and Johnny's, Red Key, and Mass Ave Pub to name a few.

With my plans effectively squashed by an insanely gross shower that required chemical warfare to clean, I decided to also enjoy a couple good brews prior to attacking the bathroom.  First up was Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA.  This double from Firestone Walker is probably a top 5 double IPA for me.  Again I received it from my sister in Colorado.  Here's what beer geeks say about Double Jack.  It lives up to it's lofty reputation.  It's an explosion of citrus, tropical, and piney hops with just enough malt background to make you coming back for more.  I finished the bottle rather easily.

By the time I finished the Double Jack, my friend Tom came by to hang out while the wives when to get pedicures.  Fun times.  I busted out my bottle of New Belgium's Lips of Faith Series Tart Lychee.  I've only had a few of the Lips of Faith Series from New Belgium.  This is definitely a sour ale I will consider buying again.  It's definitely tart, and has a subtle Lychee sweetness to go with a touch of cinnamon.  I'm glad Tom was over because it's definitely a beer I would share.
Lacing from the Deviant Dales
Saturday was a one beer day.  One beer days are nice sometimes.  They are also needed occasionally as well.  Saturdays beer of choice was Oskar Blues Deviant Dales.  This double IPA comes with an assault of hops that blows me away every time I pop open one of those sleek cans.  I just love the intense hop flavors and aromas this one dishes out.  Again a gift from my sister in Colorado, I wish I had year round access to this Colorado treat.  A top 10 DIPA.

Today, Sunday, has been an active day.  Went to church.  Went to the Zoo with a crazy 2 year old.  Lots of activity.  Thirst quenching was a must this afternoon.  Had a beer that was new to me, Marble Brewery's India Pale Ale.  Good solid IPA.  Could easily be an every day drinker, but it's from New Mexico and we don't get this one around here.  Nice citrusy hops that linger for a bit after you finish your sip.  I'd drink this one again for sure.

We finished Sunday afternoon at a cookout with our friends Brian and Dana who were in for a short visit from Colorado.  I brought him a Three Floyds Zombie Dust and one for myself.  Also enjoyed a Founders Centennial IPA.  Overall this was a successful weekend, minus the lack of new baby....but at at least I was able to appreciate some fine craft beers.  Bring it on Monday....and bring it on work week.

What beers were in your glasses this weekend?


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