Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Beer Is Good

I want to draw your attention to my hometown, South Bend, Indiana for what seems to be a rare opportunity to try some special and amazing beers.  South Bend is not what I would normally consider to be a city that has a wealth of craft beer, but it is growing.  Granger has an excellent little craft brewery called Bare Hands and a little further away from South Bend you can find Iechyd Da, which I have heard is a fantastic spot that puts out really quality brews.  The Northern Indiana craft beer scene is really starting to blossom, which makes me extremely proud of my hometown region.

Probably my favorite bar in South Bend has always been Fiddlers Hearth.  It's a great little Irish Pub in the heart of downtown South Bend.  They usually have awesome music and a nice selection of craft beers in a non-smoking environment, which is not the norm for South Bend.

This coming Saturday, June 30th, Fiddlers is hosting an epic beer party called The Beer is Good.  The tap list isn't just good, it's phenomenal.  With special tappings of Founders KBS and Bells Black Note occurring at different times throughout the day, you could easily spend about 7 hours enjoying a fantastic beer selection.  The full list of beers and more event details can be found here.  But I am also going to go ahead and post the impressive beer list they are serving up, bolded are the beers I would definitely not want to miss:

Founders - KBS (11am)
Bell's - Black Note (6pm)

Stone - Verical Epic 11.11.11
Stone - Double Bastard
Four Horsemen - Porter
Four Horsemen - Citra American Wheat
New Belgium - Tart Lychee
Founders - Backwoods Bastard
Founders - Curmudgeon
Founders - Imperial Stout
3 Floyds - Tiger Jelly
3 Floyds - Ham on Rye
3 Floyds - Behemoth
3 Floyds - Al-Dabeyoun
3 Floyds - Blackheart
Bell's - Expedition Stout
Two Brothers - 2011 Bare Tree
Flat 12 - Mustache Ride
Flat 12 - Cuttlefish Cuvee
Flat 12- Haggard Joe, Whiskey barrel aged Joe Brahma 
Greenbush - Rage
Greenbush - Doomslayer
Greenbush - 1825 Steeped w/ MI Raspberries
Greenbush - Cabra Perdida
Southern Tier - Oak Aged Back Burner
He'Brew - Barrel-Aged Funky Jewbelation
He'Brew - Jewbelation Fifteen
New Holland - Night Tripper
Upland Teddy Bear Kisses
Boulevard - Collaboration #2 (w/ Deschutes)
Bare Hands - ThaIPA
Bare Hands - ThaIPA (Cask)

If you are in the South Bend area this weekend, I highly recommend attending this event.  If you do make it, pop over here and let me know how it goes.  Unfortunately I am not able to get away.  What beers on this list would you hope to try?


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