Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A New Baby

Must take a timeout from beer discussion to introduce my second son, Lucas Paul, to all 4 of my readers.  Lucas was born 6/11/12 at 3:35pm.  He tipped the scales at 3.535 Kg which is about 7.12 pounds.  He measured 21.5 inches long and has a full head of reddish brown hair.

My wife's water was broken at 10:00 as a measure to induce labor.  She started having pretty strong contractions around 2:00.  At 3:25ish she started pushing and about 8 minutes later Lucas was born.  She did this without any medication, which is quite impressive.  I thought I needed an epidural at one point, so I'm not sure how she did it, other than knowing that she is amazing!  He is calm at the moment, very little crying, and seems to be a good sleeper so far.  Here are a couple photos:
Happy Pappy

Touchdown Baby

My boys and Me.
So back to beer discussion :-)  I am a firm believer that every big life event requires a special brew to celebrate.  I have a few options sitting at home in my cellar and need to decide what to enjoy tomorrow night upon our return.  Founders KBS, Founders CBS, Avery Uncle Jacob's, Goose Island Juliet, Founders Better Half, Upland Raspberry/Blackberry Lambics, Barrel Aged Old Rasputin, and many others to choose from.  Looking forward to that celebratory brew.

What beers have you had to celebrate life's special moments?


  1. Great stuff good sir.

    As to your beer question - i have a few bottles of CBS, 2011 parabola, 2011 DL, and a few DL variants that i am going to sit on until my wedding in November. Really looking forward to it.

    1. congrats on your upcoming wedding good sir!!

      That's a heck of a list to celebrate with!! will look forward to hearing how it all unfolds....

  2. Congrats again dude! I guess this should totally free you up for Botha nights now, right??

  3. Thanks buddy. I am working on her for night 1. Slow progress but there is still time :-)