Friday, June 1, 2012

The Old Reliable

When I arrived home yesterday it became apparent that a storm was brewing. Also brewing lately for me has been my desire to rediscover the classics. One of the issues with a craft beer obsession is that we get so enmeshed in the search for rare and unique beers that sometimes we lose sight of those equally awesome everyday drinking beers. So today I decided to rekindle my passion for an all-time favorite, Bells Two Hearted Ale. This one boasts the classic IPA flavors that I love in a great beer provided by generous centennial hopping. There is nothing like having a great craft beer while watching a solid downpour. That's exactly what I did. Don't take for granted those awesome beers that you can get at any store. Enjoy them. What are your old reliable craft beers?

Later in the evening I decided to stay with the Bells theme and go for a Hopslam. I still have about 5 or so of these left. It still packs a solid hop punch and that touch of honey rounds this one out quite well. Flavors may not be as pronounced as they were in January. So if you have any Hopslam, I suggest you take advantage and finish it!!



  1. You are absolutely correct in that as craft beer enthusiast we forget the beers that we really enjoyed in search of new and different beers. I was asked the other day by someone what is my favorite beer...I drew a complete blank and had to respond with a type of beer, IPA, Ale...anything craft, and this person not knowing what craft beer is looked dumbfounded!

    Great blog I started reading recently since I will be starting my own soon.

    Thanks and Cheers!

    1. classic story. we get bogged down by all the awesome beer that we take for granted those standards that are equally awesome. thanks for the feedback and keep me posted on your blog when it's up and running so I can check it out!! Cheers!!

      oh, and what's your "old reliable"?