Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh Macnivens

The life of a beer drinking father of two can be rough. It's hard to get out. Visiting favorite establishments seems like a chore most days. Every once in a while you get a bone thrown your way. Today is that day. 

Today my work schedule affords me a day off. With several home projects done, there is time to sneak away for a pint. A local bar, Macnivens, advertised tapping Three Floyds Zombie Dust last night and so I ventured down for a pint...or two. 

It's nice to be reminded of the gloriousness that is Macnivens. 24 lines and a hand pull. All filled with a phenomenal variety of local, regional, and specialty craft beers. 

I only get get here a handful of times per year, mostly because of circumstance. But I Love this bar. Classic in design. Loaded with character. Bar staff incredibly friendly and helpful. And the scotch eggs are the best in the city. 

Today they pour Zombie Dust, among others. Been several months since my last draft ZD. Generous 20oz pours and some fries with a taste of Sun King Wet Dream, a citra hopped IPA I am told.  A great start to my afternoon. 

If you have the opportunity, visit this fantastic bar and restaurant on mass ave. You will love it.